Pipe marker description

Pipe markers

Pipe markers are a safe and efficient way to identify pipes contained, especially in emergency situations.
A Pipe Marker is a label that shows what is inside the pipe and also the direction of the flow. Just cut off the arrow indicator that is not required and apply to the pipe.
We can also custom print the message or size you require, feel free to contact us about this.

Our self adhesive pipe markers are made of self stick vinyl (in pack of 10) with kiss cut for easy peeling and are available in 5 sizes:
– Extra Large 600mm x 90 mm (for pipes over 250mm in diameter)

– Large 475mm x 60 mm (for pipes over 75mm in diameter)
– Medium 475mm x 35mm (for pipes 40mm to 75mm in diameter)
– Small 380mm x 30mm, come in sheet (for pipes under 40mm in diameter)
– Extra Small 200mm x 10mm, come in sheet (for pipes under 40mm in diameter)

Standards for Pipe Identification in Australia are outlined in AS

  • Green: Water; Drinking water, wastewater, cooling water, storm water, recycled water, etc.
  • Silver-Grey: Steam; Live steam, process steam, exhaust steam, space heating steam, etc.
  • Brown: Oils, flammable liquids, and combustible liquids; Fuel and lubricating pols, oils used for food processing, petrol oil, etc.
  • Sand/Yellow-Ochre: Gases; Fuel gases, process gases, liquefied gases under pressure, medical gases, etc.
  • Violet: Alkalis/Acids; All corrosive liquids and gases.
  • Light Blue: Air; Compressed air, ventilation, instrument air, etc.
  • Black: Miscellaneous; Chemical mixtures, sewage, process wastes, etc.
  • Red: Fire Protection; Water dedicated for fire services, fire extinguishing foam, etc.
  • Orange: Electrical; Electrical supply circuit, used for conduits.
  • White: Communications; Conduits with extra low voltage supply, telephone circuits, etc.